Nicole Glassman & Amitai Cohen

Three and a half years ago innocence was lost. Someone I cared for deeply was diagnosed with cancer and I willingly chose to be the caregiver and support system. I was terrified and even though my background is in health nothing prepares you for the medical jargon, the fear-drenched doctor/patient conversations, or the out of body experience that is your life. You lose all sense of time and self because this person's well-being is your oxygen.

But the nightmare wasn't over yet. 6 months later my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was pulled in two directions and  suddenly I was responsible for managing both my parents emotions, when I too was experiencing the same hardship. Life was very very difficult for several years. People tell you to take care of yourself but in those times you do the best you can. I lost my mom and by the end I was so drained. I needed a retreat like the ones I offer and there seemed to be nothing close to what I needed.

So I knew I had a calling and that this happened for a reason. There are people in real need of self-care, healing, nurturing and support. I decided to create a foundation called Mindful Health Gives - it will offer FREE monthly holistic health retreats for caregivers, cancer survivors/patients. We will offer resources such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, sound healing, nourishing food, community, and a connection to nature. We will also offer an online forum of resources and day events to keep the community connected.

This beautiful man in the picture is my fiance, Amitai. He will be leading this initiative with me, as well as the yoga and meditation program. He is a gifted yoga teacher and healer with over 15 years experience.

So I am asking for your help. In order to raise the money we need for this type of program we need donations from our community. I am sure many of you can relate to some part of my story. Can you lend a hand to help so many who are in need of this support? If you aren't able to donate can you lend your support in another way? 



Nicole Glassman


Mindful Health™ is a holistic health company in New York City founded by Nicole Glassman. Our strong foundation in holistic medicine, emotional healing and natural lifestyle support helps our clients to heal, feel, and develop a more intuitive understanding of their bodies. We offer a variety of health servicescleanses, and retreats that are fully customizable to suit individual needs. 

We believe there is typically more to the healing process than assessing one factor of health. Many ailments are rooted in emotional, environmental, and nutritional imbalances. Our aim is to create balance to introduce a better, all-natural wellness program that specializes in detoxifying the body, empowering the mind and healing the soul.

To learn more, visit mindfulhealth.biz