Thanks to you, much deserving caregivers were given hope and support when they needed it the most. 

All of your support led us to an incredible women's retreat weekend in Vermont. On October 19th, a group of women from all walks of life gathered with a shared desire; to heal and receive. Many coming from loss, fatigue and even guilt for leaving their respective "posts" to accept the gift of being pampered and nurtured.

Your donations allowed us to gift retreat tickets to incredibly deserving women. These women are caretakers to the ill, hard-working mothers, friends, sisters, and fighters. Thanks to you, not only did they have the opportunity to rest and heal, but they also received the gift of being supported by people they may never meet.

When you're overwhelmed emotionally, financially, physically, it's easy to believe that you're meant to struggle alone. It can feel like no one really cares or wants to help you take on "your stuff". Thanks to you, these women could feel connected and held. They are always the ones to give, but that weekend-they were given to. 

We want to thank you so much for all of your support in getting us here and spreading the word about Mindful Health Gives. Our work is just getting started but this is the most amazing start we can ask for. And, we're not slowing down. We're still fundraising for our caregivers and cancer warriors.

You'll see us pushing our goal for #GivingTuesday which is just around the corner. We're hoping to raise 20k by October 2019. In response to an abundance of nominations made by friends and family members, we want to create a dedicated retreat for women fighting cancer. We want to work with our partners to create an event that will provide the same amazing experience as our last caregiver retreat but with an emphasis on techniques for battling cancer holistically. Every one of us now knows a woman who has had or is fighting cancer. This is something we can't afford to normalize. Our goal is to help women emotionally and physically as they fight for their lives. 

We want Mindful Health Gives to be a place that welcomes collaboration, ideas, and unique solutions. If you or someone you know wants to get involved, please email us at

Thank you again for everything you've done to support this cause.

With gratitude, 
Mindful Health Gives and the Mindful Health Gives 2018 Retreat Recipients


"THANK YOU! For the gift of Mindful Health Gives - for without it, I would not have been here. I am so deeply grateful for you selecting me to be included. Five years into my journey caring for my husband with dementia, I began to not feel well. Caregiver stress had taken its toll on my own health. I was exhausted and in need of a respite. Nominated by a friend to attend the Mindful Mosaic Women’s Wellness Retreat in Townsend, VT (October 19 – 22, 2018), I was able to receive that respite and gained so much more than several good nights’ sleep. The balance of activities, group discussion sessions, scrumptious healthy meals, and personal time afforded me the opportunity to restore my own balance and leave with a clearer understanding of how to maintain my own health while also meeting my husband’s needs for his care, health, and well-being. Our hosts, Nicole Glassman with Danielle Radulski welcomed us from the first moment. Strangers upon arrival, it was affirming to be in community with other women, each on their own journey. The support offered by all to each one of us was so incredibly meaningful and powerful. 

 - 2018 Mindful Health Gives Retreat Recipient